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A transformational facilitator and vocal empowerment coach dedicated to guiding others through experiences that are based on an innovative blend of ancient wisdom, musical expression, embodied movement, mindfulness practices and the state-of-the-art in human psychology. 


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“Rouzbeh is a very intuitive and powerful coach. He knew how to ask the right profound questions, helped me to gain clarity and to step into my power and confidence. What I liked most about his work is that he was not offering solutions but inspired me to find my own truth by understanding my underlying emotions and patterns. I would anytime recommend him to another client who is interested in growing personally and professionally.”

Kataryzina Grabowska

Architect and Film Set Designer, TLC Poland

“Rouzbeh brought great inspiration to our leadership sessions where the key objectives were to foster an aligned group culture with a united and optimistic team spirit across the different business areas. With a positive energy and authenticity, Rouzbeh facilitated us through the leadership program resulting in a team that shares a common leadership philosophy. The feedback from our leaders has been nothing but positive – giving them a deeper understanding of human psychology and how to handle group dynamics, different cultures and personalities as well as building trust within the teams.”

Magnus Wikner

CEO Thomas Cook Northern Europe

"I’ll never forget stepping into Rouzbeh’s Kirtan and feeling his welcoming presence. I felt deeply safe and ready to express. My voice opened up naturally I opened up in the process. I could finally sound how I wanted and felt a new sense of power channeling through my voice. Of course, I then joined his workshop that opened me up even more. He empowered me to intimately know my voice, love it, step into it, and harness it. Whether through speech or song, I now feel more alive and more ready to speak my truth into this world.

Thomas Waterman
Co--founder Purpose Pioneers

"I arranged to do a one-to-one session with Rouzbeh after connecting to his beautiful music and energy at a Kirtan. The time we spent was a truly magical experience. Set in nature we worked through many aspects of vocal development including chakra and energy release, improvisation, movement and singing. Rouzbeh has a wonderful, calming energy and guided me supportively throughout the exercises and songs. He is clearly an experienced coach so this in combination with his passion for yoga and music create a wonderfully enriching experience." 

Tamara Kelmich
Yoga Teacher & Musician



My work is dedicated to helping individuals and groups to grow into their creative, agile, connected and motivated nature.


Phone: +49 1523 6695149 | +62 822 35161059 

Email: rouzbeh@voicingwisdom.net

Skype: rtavakkoli

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